We are Josh & Joe (Joe Bloggs Talks)


Inspire: Motivate: Change


We hope to do exactly what our core values state… Inspire and Motivate as many people as we can for Change. We want to give as many people the tools required for a positive life, filled with meaning, purpose and direction and a healthy mindset.

Our WHY:

Joe felt very ‘lost’ in life. He achieved a masters degree in Sports Science but didn’t understand ‘why’. Even before 30 he had job hopped more times than he could count on ten hands. He was depressed and lacking direction. He found self development and with it his mission and purpose, he now wants to help others discover theirs.

Josh has always been a big achiever. He also gained degree education as well as being a highly respected salesman. However, josh has also overcome battles with addiction as well as spending time in prison. He believes self-development has paved a path for him to be the best version of himself and now wants to spread these positive messages to help other people be theirs.

Through books, journals, podcasts, events and more, we hope we can inspire as many people to improve their lives. We are self-proclaimed ‘ordinary, everyday’ lads (Joe Bloggs) and do not claim to be experts, however, we do feel our experience is most definitely able to bring value to those who view our work.