Morning Routines

This is not a lecture on how you must be up at 03.00 am to succeed. (Although I do know people who get up at that time).

However, a solid morning routine helps you start the day right.

  • Start the day with meditation, exercise or positive affirmations.
  • Listen to a positive audio book or read a few chapters of a motivating book with your favourite coffee.
  • Get shit done! Meaning you increase productivity and reduce stress.

These are just examples of many things that can be done. Getting up early allows us to start the day positively and with focus, setting us up for the day ahead.

It also gives us more time, what we believe to be our most valuable asset.

Make it completely unique to you. If it is not something you currently do, try getting up 30 minutes earlier and see if it has a positive influence on you.

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