Wheel of Life – ‘Balancing Life’

You may be new to Self-Development and have decided you want to start making positive change…so where do we start?

Alternatively, you might set consistent goals, but find your life feels unbalanced or unfocused.

There is something known as the Wheel of Life or (Balance Wheel) which can help. It was said to be first developed by Paul. J. Meyer in 1960.

The concept: It identifies different areas of life (which can be completely unique to you). Using the centre of the wheel as 0 and the Outer wheel as 10, you can then rate the level of satisfaction you have in each area. This helps you to visually identify areas you are seeking to improve. From here we can then begin to set goals and take action to make progress.

Be aware that complete balance is rarely achieved for long (Because of how life is ever changing). However, the idea is that we are moving towards it, rather than away from it.

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