Slow Down!

We were talking all systems go! (setting goals, morning routines, motivation etc.) but now suddenly we are saying slow down? It seems quite hypocritical.

But its the fact we always complain we are ‘to busy.’ I always say this! Which to me is actually a reflection of me being unproductive, or not prioritising as I should.

I once heard it referred to as the ‘Hurry Disease.’ We rush from task to task. appointment to appointment. Not just in work but in life.

More ‘time’ would not make us less busy, we would just have more time to be busy.

Alongside this, we must take moment to reflect and to slow down a little. Because of Social Media, we never have two minutes with our thoughts anymore. Because of the demands of every day life, we rush around like maniacs and fail to take in moments.

Even if you feel like you are the Worlds busiest person (I mean who isn’t?), give yourself some time. Enjoy a moment with the family. Go do something enjoyable. Slow down with your morning coffee. Take a day off and recuperate.

Slowing down can boost creativity and you may just have some of your most thought provoking moments. You will likely come back refocused and more motivated.

Do not forget to enjoy life.

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