YOU are responsible for change!

Change only happens when YOU take full responsibility for your life.

Too often we play victims (I have been guilty of this in relation to career choices, blaming anything and everyone around me for decisions that were made by ME).

With this mindset we will hold ourselves back.

Where we are right now is down to the decisions we have made.

It is only when you take back control that you can begin to change, because when we take responsibility, we give ourselves our power back. We realise that we are in the driving seat.

If you are not where you want to be in life right now, start making goals and taking action to achieve them. Work on it daily.

I set a goal to ‘Inspire more people’, this post is hopefully another step forward in trying to achieve this.

If you want to change career, start looking into something else today. Start researching about it on an evening after working your current job.

You want to lose weight? Then start by going for a walk today.

Whatever area it is…. accept YOU are responsible for changing it.

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