Strive for Progress not Perfection.

Stop being a perfectionist (all the time).

Being a perfectionist is often seen as an admirable trait that will lead us on the path to success. It has some genuine benefits such as demanding high quality from yourself and attention to detail (if managed correctly).

However, it also can be counterproductive.  It can lead to you procrastinating on a task and never starting through fear of not getting it perfect. It can make you take far too long trying to do something (which I am gracefully discovering more as I learn to blog) which means it can be a cause of stress or anxiety. 

Personally, I was driving myself into the fucking ground trying to write the ‘perfect’ article every time. 

However, mistakes are an important part of growing and learning and being human. Which means we shouldn’t be scared of making them. By doing so we stall our chances of reaching our goals, or at worst we don’t even try start to reach them. 

For this post I set myself a target of no more than 30 minutes to write, edit and publish! (I may of went slightly over but nevertheless it was progress)

To most it might seem like a very reasonable task, but to such an overthinking mind it can be difficult.

Whatever it is you are trying to achieve you will learn more from doing it and not getting it just right, than not doing it at all. 

I’ve said it previous, start now get perfect later. 

So, if you are thinking about starting something, whether it be a business or a hobby, do not expect yourself to be perfect.

I also think this concept applies to life to.  I have high expectations for myself (which when managed is a good trait). However, again it can be quite damaging.  The reason being that when you do something that perhaps isn’t in line with what you are trying to do or be, I become my own worst enemy and I absolutely berate myself, which again becomes counterproductive.

Again, I emphasise the human being element and being prepared to make mistakes. Realising that I am progressing, whilst perhaps not being perfect.

Life’s road is bumpy, mistakes happen, do your best……..but accept it won’t be perfect!

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