Today I wanted to talk about the concept of ‘Fear’.

Why? Because the truth is, I have had a few moments of fear this week reading about this fucking Coronavirus.  

Now this post isn’t going to be solely about the virus, my medical opinion, the illuminati or the media (Who I DESPISE and normally avoid at all costs, as I believe they worsen every situation with their scare mongering tactics).

However, this topic has been hard to avoid, especially given I work for the NHS and everyone on Facebook is now a Doctor.  I will not lie; on some occasions I have been shitting my pants a little (which is ironic as there isn’t any fucking toilet roll left either).

That said, as with everything I do, it has got me thinking about things on a grander scale. I am in no way downplaying what is going on or comparing say a fear of spiders to this virus, but it has made me want to talk about the concept of fear in more detail. 

To begin, let me make a quick point that fear has been designed to protect us from legitimate threats, therefore fear has been critical to our safety and survival.  You have probably heard the story, but in ancestral times when we perhaps would have to fight off a saber tooth tiger, fear would trigger the ‘fight or flight’ stress response.

Consequently, with all this panic that is going on, people are literally going into survival mode. Thus, it does not matter if you feel it is fucking stupid or not (the toilet roll and hoarding part) this is what people are doing, they are obviously seeing this as a serious threat and fear is very much kicking in.

People do have many fears. However, the truth is that we are only actually born with two fears – the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.

It turns out that any other fears you experience have been acquired throughout your life and are often caused by certain events and situations that have marked your mind and emotions in a way that make you feel scared.

We can learn fears, so often a child will learn a fear from their parents as they observe their behaviour surrounding a situation.

Beyond this type of fear or phobia, how often does fear hold us back in everyday life?

Fear of judgement, or being disliked, fear of failure, fear of criticism, or ridicule, or fear of standing out from the crowd. These are just a few! The list is endless….

The best way to fight a fear is to understand them and realize that you can control the way you feel and react to them. It is a HUGE part of emotional intelligence. Fear can be toxic, do not let it keep you from following a passion.

How can we approach fear in everyday life? …. Will Smith says that he invites fear. He wants to tackle it head on. See his video when he talks about sky diving? It is awesome (Check it out on YouTube).

He says he is motivated by fear as he hates being scared to do something.

“The only thing we should fear, is fear itself” – Franklin De Roosevelt

So when it comes to certain fears in everyday life i.e.

Should I start a business? I have a FEAR of failing….

Should I deliver this presentation? when I have a FEAR of speaking in public?  

We should embrace it. We should sometimes push our limits, get out of our comfort zones. You will get better as a result of it.

Going back to the virus though for a second…. the one thing I have been reminded of is that life is too short to be living in fear (I don’t feel we are going to die so I am not inferring that) but what I mean is, we don’t know what might happen at any given time, so don’t let fear get in the way of what you want to achieve in life. Sometimes, we get reminders of this and this is just another one….

And remember, after what has been said before, if other people don’t like what it is your doing…. you can choose to not give a fuck anyway.

Let’s try to stop living in so much fear.

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