Love > Fear

I am going to be honest; todays blog is going a little deeper than I ever anticipated but current circumstances call for it. The original plan with the blog was to always push mindset related content, teaching everyone to stop giving a fuck and trying to teach people a bulletproof positive outlook on life (whilst developing mine at the same time). 

However, as I admitted in the last post, there have been occasions the last week or so where fear has kicked in.  I have also had a range of other emotions, which has included a lot of worry, as well as anger. I have been worrying about what is going to happen (letting my mind completely venture from the present moment and catastrophize), I have felt anger at losing money on holidays, feeling like I had let friends down, angry at the way some of society have acted in this whole situation.

As much as I love training my mind (which I do regularly), I do sometimes have moments where it starts to detour down a wayward path (after all I am human). I now recognize this and can step in to avoid it spiralling. You have perhaps felt a varying range of emotions in this last week.

It also turns out that whilst current circumstances unfold and fear and anger has kicked in, I have also found my loving side want to emerge stronger.

Why? Because love beats these other emotions. Like I said, prepare for this to be a little bit deep….

When I felt myself angry at the fact I was going to potentially lose a lot of money on a holiday with good friends, I remembered that beyond all this shit going on, I can be grateful to have those good friends. Some of them have sincerely pissed me off this week…. but I still love them. I love all my friends.

In one conversation with my best friend, I let him know that I loved him very much. It’s important to let them know sometimes.

I went to parent’s house last night and as I was leaving, I told them I loved them (It’s something I don’t say enough to all my family), but I do love them a hell of a lot.

The idea of this post isn’t about informing you that I have been telling everyone I love them, but more so trying to give a message to you that…. rather than living in fear at this particular time, try to live with more love.

Tell your family and friends you love them. Show them some appreciation.

When your social media is filled with anger and fear inducing posts, try remember the post you seen of the person offering to deliver food and essentials to someone in need, because when you look for them you will see them more. This is much better to see and it comes from a place of love.

If there is any way you can help somebody, do it!

Try and remember those enjoying lives from their balcony, the Italians having a party (which looked epic), even when times are not great.

I saw a fitness instructor delivering a class to people on their balcony in Seville and people joining in, again making the most out of a shit situation.

You can choose which lens you wish to view the world from. If we want to constantly look at all the shit that is going on in the world and feel nothing but negative emotions, we can certainly do that (I have done this a lot this week). Alternatively, we can try have a healthier more positive outlook.

You might be advised not to kiss or hug or even handshake your partner at this very moment, but you can certainly tell them you love them (even if you have shout it from metres away).

Love is greater than fear.

How’s that for a daily dose of deepness.

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