‘Feeling Stuck’ isn’t necessarily a bad thing

Today I wanted to talk about the notion of ‘feeling stuck.’ The reason being is that when I was really struggling with my mental health this is the phrase I could use to best describe my feelings.

It consumed my thoughts. It stemmed from ‘feeling stuck’ at work or with choosing the right career and almost ‘feeling lost’ in life and as a result I just felt fucking empty. For me it has taken a little bit more soul searching and it still continues to do so. Some of you may have experienced this feeling in different ways. Some of you may never have experienced it.

For me it was a constant feeling of not knowing what I wanted to do as a career or feeling trapped in my job… who did I want to be? What did I want to do? I just ‘felt stuck’ in life. It was seriously deflating.

A lot of people around me seemed to have their lives worked out, their career was set. I had worked in a number of different sectors (and done fairly well in a lot of them) and I had completed my Master’s Degree, however I just didn’t have any true fulfillment. I was hard working but I felt like I was supposed to have everything worked out in life (although I now recognise this is not the case) but I never, and as a result this is how I felt.

I came across something by renowned speaker Mel Robbins that really changed my concept of this. She says ‘Feeling stuck’ is not a bad thing. She says it is the way you think about the experience of being stuck. Feeling stuck is just a signal from our body. Just like when our body is hungry and sends us signals that we need to eat and feeling tired is a fundamental sign that we need to sleep. Feeling stuck works in the same way. It is a signal from our heart and soul that we need personal growth.

Personal growth is one of the most fundamental needs of all human beings. This is why I have become fucking obsessed with it and ironically I am a lot happier now to.

When we have stopped growing in life, our job, relationships etc. we can start to feel stuck.

However, unfortunately most of us make the mistake of thinking about how stuck we feel and get trapped into bad thinking patterns in our heads. This was me. Yet this is the last thing we should be doing. It should be a sign that action needs to be taken. So now it is about finding deliberate ways to do just this.

This can be related to any part of your life….

If your ‘stuck’ in work, perhaps it’s time for a change, you need to develop your skills or engage in a new project. It may be that you need new change altogether.

If you’re in a relationship and you feel stuck, perhaps it’s about trying to invest some more time and spark things up a little.

Perhaps you are sportsman who is seeing a lack of results so you need to seek out new training methods?

Perhaps you feel stuck in life and you don’t know who you truly want to be (this is what I was always feeling like), in this case it’s time to do some soul searching.

The point being, if you are feeling ‘stuck’ and you feel like you’re not moving forward try to understand that this is your mind and body trying to give you a message. Perhaps widen your knowledge in a certain area or seek new opportunities and see if this has a positive impact. Most of all start taking some action. 

I still get these feelings. I am absolutely fucking chaotic at times and sometimes I lack any true direction. However, I don’t ever stop trying to invest time in myself.

At the moment I feel slightly stuck trying to get a Personal Development Business off the ground. I feel ‘stuck’ with the exact message I want to deliver. What services I want to offer. What branding I want to deliver. However, I am seeking continuous ways to try and find these answers. Investing personally in some guided meditation to listen to my thoughts and feelings. Speaking with others for some guidance and advice.

I am trying to continuously improve my skills. It is my personal therapy.

One response to “‘Feeling Stuck’ isn’t necessarily a bad thing”

  1. Great piece here. I often feel stuck, Ironically I think this is highlighted even more so with being literally “stuck” in the house. I got my teeth stuck into a project of building a gym in the garage and am thinking of how I can better my skills for my job when I go back (digital marketing courses, etc), I’m even contemplating learning a new language.

    In this strange time, where we are “stuck at home” we can use it to better ourselves.

    Cheers for the motivation and honesty Joe. Spot on 👍🏼


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