What is your ‘Why’ ?

This post hopes to offer some insight to help you pave a path to finding direction in your life or perhaps help give you some meaning.

Perhaps you have experienced ‘feeling stuck’ before as discussed in the previous post, finding your ‘why’ can therefore help you to gain focus. On the other hand, you may be fully aware of your goals and ambitions and you understand the whole reasoning behind your decisions. In this case you likely understand ‘why’ you do what you do, nevertheless, it will serve as a good reminder to you.

I first heard the concept from Simon Sinek who is a very influential entrepreneur and has written several fantastic books such as ‘Start with Why’ OR ‘Find your why.’ 

He applies it to business and explains that we should be aiming to have a higher purpose in our endeavours than simply looking to make money. He claims that if you can ‘find your why’ anything is achievable, and life feels more fulfilling.

Some people for example would say that going to work, or creating a business, is simply about making as much money as possible and that their work and day to day life are completely separate. These endeavours help you afford to do the things you wish to do in your spare time.

Perhaps their ‘why’ goes beyond finding ‘fulfilment’ and their reasoning behind why they do what they do is to provide as much financial support for their family and even if they dislike what they do, they are prepared to make this sacrifice. I respect this.

The flip side of the above is those people who go to work day in day out and it brings them so much unhappiness or lack of fulfilment. They are making ends meet but it isn’t enough in terms of personal satisfaction. 

However, there are a number of examples of people who are seen as hugely financially successful but yet still feel a huge lack of fulfilment in life. Tony Robbins (who is a very wealthy coach / entrepreneur) describes success without fulfilment as the ‘ultimate failure.’

A lot of people would also say they would happily do something they hate if it made them more money (I have had those thoughts many times).

Again I am not inferring whether this is right or wrong it’s just somebody else’s viewpoint.  

It ultimately comes down to personal preference, but your ‘why’ is said to be the internal engine inside that says this is why I’m doing what I am doing. Therefore I feel it is an important concept.

The reason ‘why’ I work on my own personal development is because it positively serves me. ‘Why’ I want to speak about it and write this blog / my book is to spread these positive messages, and I don’t want others to feel the way I felt for a number of years. This is my motivation.

My message to you is to try and understand your ‘why.’ 

This can be in work or business. In your hobbies. In any aspect of your life.

– What is most important to you in life? Why is it important?

– What is your definition of success? Why is it that?

– What does your perfect day look like? Why is that?

Hopefully by viewing you’re why it will give you some insight. There are so many questions you can ask yourself to try and discover this. Do some research.

If you are currently working on a project and finding yourself becoming disengaged, then use your ‘why’ as a reminder to motivate you. 

If you are doing well already but you know there is room for growth, reflect on your why and use it to push you even further forward.

If you truly can’t find your why and you feel unfulfilled, perhaps you’re doing the wrong thing and it’s time to search out alternative answers.

I hope this helps…I would love to know peoples thoughts?

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