Do more things that make you happy…

The message in this blog is exactly what the title says … start doing more things that make you happy…

I for one am fascinated with the concept of happiness, I love delving into the psychological theories behind it, as well as learning how different cultures view it, as well as life coaches, philosophers and more.

What constitutes happiness is by no means an under researched area. It is an age-old question so many have attempted to answer, and the purpose of this blog article is to not investigate this .

This blog post was simply thought of this morning as I was driving home from walking one of my local sights with my dog. I love going to this place, and I now love taking my dog there.

I was driving home and simply reflecting on how happy I felt in that moment and I wanted to share it, because it also reminded me, to get more of those moments, I simply need to keep doing things that make me happy.

This seems like an obvious thing to do, but so many of us fail to do it!

We often neglect such moments because we get caught up with life and fail to find the time to do the things we genuinely want to do. (I will hold my hands up to this on many occasions). This could lead to us feeling miserable longer term.

I work extremely hard, sometimes till the early hours and sometimes too much. I plan my life like crazy (often to the disbelief of some people) but it works for me. Within that plan, I always try and make plans to go see family, friends or do something fun. Basically, things that make happy.

A lot of people would say happiness is all about being present in the moment, and you choose to be happy, and whilst I appreciate this, I also know we can most definitely plan some moments of happiness into our life.

Life is for enjoying and doing things that make us feel happy. Therefore, think of some things that make you happy and plan as many of these into your week as possible.

Go one better… plan some things into your every day that make you feel happy.

Like I say hardly fucking rocket science this I know, however I know there will be things that people really enjoy doing that they have not done for some time.

I love writing, it is a hobby I really enjoy, but recently I got sidetracked on a number of other projects and I neglected it. I missed doing it and I know it brings me joy, therefore I planned to take some time back to myself to write and guess what… I feel happy doing it!

I have done this by simply reflecting on what makes me happy and ensuring that I have found some time to include it in my life.

So the message for you is to write some things down that make you happy and go and do more of them!


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