You do not need to be the best at everything you do to enjoy it… you can even be shit at it…

You could argue this point comes down to personal preference and beliefs.

For example… “There shouldn’t be any medals for second place” which I wholeheartedly agree with by the way.

“In whatever you do, strive to be the best at it” and again absolutely nothing wrong with an attitude like this, its admirable. In fact, I strongly believe that we should try to do our best at everything we do. Personal Development is all about continuously striving to be a better you, and this is exactly what it should be… a strive to be a better you. BUT…we do not have to be the best at it, and even if your shit at it… that is ok to.

I believe that competition is healthy and again I encourage it. Observe people ahead of you and learn from them, as this can bring out the best in you… but again, you do not have to be the best. I also strongly encourage “self-competition” which is exactly what it says on the tin… competing against yourself.

But once again you do not have to be the best at everything you do to enjoy doing it. Like simply put, you just don’t.

I will use the example of me, relating it to a hobby of Thai Boxing. It was a hobby I had for several years (and I still dabble sometimes) and I have had three amateur fights. I lost all three and it was devastating. It truly hurt each time I lost. However, the truth is I never had dreams of becoming a world champion or a pro fighter. I just enjoyed the hobby.  I wanted to test myself in competition, two of the bouts I lost on points (not by a landslide and they were fairly close) and one I was brutally knocked out (my head nearly ended up on the moon in this one).

I may fight again one day I do not know, but the truth is I was not good enough them days, the competition was better and that is that. I was never claiming to be the best either, I never have done. In fact, I am bang average if I was to give an honest assessment of myself. That did not stop me loving it. I am competitive to, I did not want to lose, I just did.

Other sports I was much better in and excelled in. I played at a high level with football (district, county and academy level) and I was much better at it than I ever was at Thai Boxing, but I enjoyed both of them just as much.  

In fact, to put it in another context you can be absolutely shit at something and still enjoy it as a passion. I remember watching this video of an overseas rap group and they were bad, like really bad! They became a viral hit, even though everybody knew they were no good at all and it was mainly for the comedy value of it being honest. However, they kept producing videos and it was their genuine love for it which I admired. Whether they thought they were good or not remains to be seen, but the thing is they were doing it for the sake of loving it regardless of what other people thought.

Enjoying something simply for the love of it is something I would encourage everyone to find, no matter how good you are at it. You should enjoy the process of learning it and definitely strive to be as good as you can be in it, but if that means your not as good as others, or you’re completely shit at it… then that is ok to, certainly do not let it put you off.

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