Facing challenges… a new way of thinking

Energy and persistence conquer all things” – Benjamin Franklin

In any venture we embark on, whether a physical challenge, a business pursuit, or a general goal, it comes without saying that we are going to at some point stumble across some obstacles that challenge us.

This is completely normal, after all, nothing worth having comes easy right?

However, speaking from experience some challenges we face make us sometimes think about throwing in the towel, they can raise the questions of is this really worth it? And can genuinely push our limits.

As a founder of a business I can speak honestly on behalf of this. Things do not always go as planned and sometimes you find yourself facing something that you were not anticipating. However, there are definitely some ways of thinking which can serve us more positively.

  1. Fixed Vs Growth Mindset (Carol Dweck)

The first principle is by renown Psychologist Carol Dweck and it refers to our approach with our mindset.

Our first approach is to have a ‘fixed’ mindset, essentially having a fixed mindset may result in just that… being fixed, or staying stuck in our ways. In short, such an approach can be detrimental as we are not allowing our thoughts to believe we can overcome a hurdle. This being detrimental when facing a challenge.

The opposite approach is that of a ‘Growth’ mindset. The growth mindset principle suggests when facing a challenge if you can view it as an opportunity for growth and an opportunity to apply a higher level of thinking, you are much more likely to succeed in overcoming such an obstacle.

  • Problem Vs Solution based mindset.

Like the above this also focuses in on having two alternate types of thinking.

Often when we face challenging situations we can find ourselves really zoning in on the problem. As a result we can feel ‘stuck’ or overwhelmed in the situation. This would be a problem based approach and it can be easy to fall victim to (we are human beings and we to have at times adopted such a mindset.) However, when facing a challenge, simply focusing in on how big your problem is, is not going to help you solve it. If anything it may actually make it seem bigger than it actually is (again, we have been guilty).

The opposite and more beneficial approach is to adopt a solution based mindset. This approach is doing just that, rather than focusing in on the problem, we look towards the solution, which is going to best serve us in finding a resolution. Such a change in mindset is simple, but it totally changes our way of thinking, and in some respects is very similar to the growth mindset.

There are so many potential challenges that you could be facing at any given time. However, the next you find yourself facing such an obstacle I want you to try the following exercise. You should take a piece of blank paper and use this exercise to map out your solution/growth based mindset. 

  1. Write down the challenge/obstacle
  2. Picture an ideal solution (your problem has been fully resolved!)- What does it look like? Write this down
  3. What would be the first step to solving this problem? Could I do this right now?
  4. What additional steps could I take to solve this problem?
  5. Jot down any other possible solutions to facing such a challenge/different ways of thinking

A simple shift in your way of thinking could really help you on your way to finding a solution.

And on top of this, as the quote at the top of this article reads… “Energy and persistence conquer all things”, this challenge is designed to help you grow. It is designed to challenge you and in facing it you will develop your skills. This is personal development in a nutshell, and it is why we do what we do!

I hope this article helped you and as always if you want any support please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Also please share you journey with us, let us know about any challenges you have overcome in your life, or let us know how this article has helped you.

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