Lessons from isolation – COVID 19 Pandemic

This is not a post about vax/anti-vax/government/shit government/what is right or what is wrong… this is just my honest viewpoints.

Since having COVID and having to stay indoors away from loved ones during this Christmas period I noticed personally just how badly it affected my mental health! To put it frank, its without doubt the lowest it has been in a very long time.

My mental health has struggled in various ways throughout this past two years. I have worked within this pandemic the whole time as part of the NHS. During the initial stages I was working in care homes. This was not nice. Since then, I moved roles into a less hands on covid role, but I have seen the impact it has had on families. In addition to this, I have not really understood where my belief stands with it all and with so much contrasting information it is quite easy to get… head fucked!

Regarding being locked down recently, this has never been easy, isolation once again has not been easy.  Thankfully, I have managed to come around, but the last few days have reminded me…

The importance of friends and family.

Family coming to talk to me. Friends sending me goodie bag of sweets and non-alcoholic beers as well as giving me his log in to his sky go, so I could watch the football. Talking on the phone to friends. Never underestimate how important people can be in supporting you. Never underestimate how far a ‘small’ gesture goes in helping others.

I completely lost routine and focus.

I knew I had to shift my focus, but I was finding it incredibly hard. I sat around doing fuck all to be honest. This did not help in the slightest. I cannot stress this enough, if you are struggling, try to establish any form of positive routine. Try do anything positive. Read a book. Learn something new. Set yourself a little project. Exercise in the garden. Do anything which is going to positively serve you.

Importance of speaking to someone.

I had to ring my counsellor and that helped. She also highlighted to me the real depth of an increase in mental health during the pandemic. This was quite alarming. We express this a lot, but if you are struggling with your mental health, please reach out to someone. There are support services who can help you.

Everyone struggles in their own way.

Whilst sitting in front of the TV might be ‘easy’ and ‘its hardly world war’…  for some people doing this (including me) it really isn’t as simple as that. Yeah, I watched a few decent films, but after that I was twiddling my thumbs. So, whilst you might not be able to understand how someone cannot just ‘sit in for 10 days’, understand that it is not that easy for everyone. People’s routine being disrupted can serious affect people!

Mental health to me is literally the most important thing.

I felt physically fine after just two days, but my head was fucked in honesty. There is little point being physically healthy if your head is not in the right place. Your mental health is so much more important than anything else.

If anything, this experience has once again shown me

1. How much work I need to keep doing on myself.

2. How important this work is.

Please spend the time working on your mental wellbeing as it is fundamental to every other area of your life.

Please reach out if you are struggling with your own mental health.

For an easy to read self-help guide please, see the link for my book around mental health which can be found in our products link on this page.

#Our mental health pandemic

One response to “Lessons from isolation – COVID 19 Pandemic”

  1. A brilliant and honest insight into the mind of a young male who struggled with his mental health over this period.

    Well done for being so honest and open. This will help.

    Keep it up 👌🏽X


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