Sometimes you have to look back… celebrate your wins & learn to be patient!

At the core of our message here at Joe Bloggs is ‘Inspire, motivate, change.’ Personal Development is at the heart of what we do, and we push on topics such as goal setting, looking ahead at what you want your life to look like, and seeking out progress in key areas. These are all valuable messages.

However, it also has to be reiterated that sometimes we have to recognize our work so far.

I for one am extremely guilty of not giving myself credit for some of my wins so far. I am often in the mentality of ‘what next, what next, what next? Whilst this keeps me hungry and motivated, it can sometimes cause me to lose sight of where I have come from.

It is essential that in the pursuit of positive change that you do not undervalue yourself. One day whilst journaling I took some real time to self-reflect.

I am in the process of writing my second book. At this very moment, here I am, putting my thoughts out on paper again.

Joe Bloggs has gone from me posting the odd cheesy thoughtless motivational quote (with good intention obviously) to making some real groundwork on my passion.

In two years, we have gone from two individuals petrified on a camera to becoming comfortable interviewing guests and discussing sensitive topics.

I have written my first book, spoken on stage, and together we have created a Journal to help others. We have created and delivered a live event, and we even featured on the front page of our local newspaper.  If you had asked me a number of years ago if you thought I would be in the papers… my guess would have been it that it was probably more likely to be for something not so uplifting.

By the time this book draws to a conclusion it is hoped we have made some more progress. This is not to have a moment of ‘oh look at me’ or meant to seem like I am bragging, but to instead instill the point that progress has definitely been made.

This has not been without its challenges. I have wanted to throw the towel in numerous times. I still have so many weaknesses and areas for improvement, but there has without doubt been some personal development. If we walked away from Joe Bloggs now, we could walk away knowing we have definitely developed as individuals. As we often say, ‘seek progress not perfection’ and on reflection, we have done this.

The reason I write this is to make this point to you. In pursuit of your ‘future self’ do not lose sight of how far you have come. If you are sat reading this now, you are still here, you will have overcome numerous personal challenges and yet here you are seeking growth again. This is all something to value and this is a positive.

It is worth making the point that you do not go from start-up business to global leader in a month. Same as you do not go from out of shape to the cover of men’s health at the same time either.  

It is important at times that we celebrate the wins we have had. If it comes to changing your career, a little win could be landing an interview. If the goal is losing weight, todays win could be your first gym session. Recognise the little wins and then keep adding to them.

It is also about learning to be patient. I once heard that we should “write the books you need to read” and this most definitely applies to me. I hope that you can take value from this message to. An element of patience seems to be the one we are most lacking in our generation.

We now live in a world of instant gratification. It is not something that has necessarily been experienced in previous generations. However, we can do absolutely everything at the click of a button now. We can order parcels and it turns up either the same day or the next day. We can order all our food choices via our phone and get almost anything delivered. It is only going to get faster as time goes on.  We want more and we want it quicker. We want shortcuts all the time. Lose a stone in one week plastered all over our social feeds! I have looked for such things and been victim to it. I have googled ‘growth hacks’ on social media countless times.

I have seen so many advertisements suggesting immediate success in anything, ‘write your first novel in 30 days’ was one I saw on my social media channel. That is insanity to me. My first one took me over a year! However, this is the type of thing we face. It is little wonder we get sucked into this.  

Gary Vee says those who succeed are those ‘who can hold their breath the longest’ meaning those who stick it out and keep grinding, picturing the long game see success. This does not need to be in business but in all walks of life.

Change takes time. This is what I want you to realise, and I also need to remind myself. As I have stated time and time again, enjoy the process of bettering yourself.  This does not mean we can just sit on our arse and expect change to happen without doing the work. However, recognise the process of change is one that does not happen overnight, and it is a fluid, ever changing process, that really has no end line.

Journal Task…

I want you to take a moment of self-reflection now. Take a pen and paper and write down some of the great achievements and progress you have made in your life so far….

(If you want a real place to Journal, check out the Joe Bloggs Journal available for purchase on our website).

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