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  • Happiness is available to everyone, but pleasure isn’t…

    I read a Facebook status by James Smith this week and these words above jumped out… Happiness is available to everyone and pleasure isn’t. He was speaking about money and happiness and explaining that all money does is provide you with more pleasure and not more happiness. He raises a point that if you go […]

  • Do more things that make you happy…

    The message in this blog is exactly what the title says … start doing more things that make you happy… I for one am fascinated with the concept of happiness, I love delving into the psychological theories behind it, as well as learning how different cultures view it, as well as life coaches, philosophers and […]

  • Comparing yourself to others….

    Not seeing myself as successful in comparison to others has contributed to unhappiness in my life. For me, I have always believed earning lots of money was the ‘pinnacle of success’ and given I have never really earned a lot of money, I always saw myself as a failure. I was always comparing myself to […]