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  • “You should be … by now”… approaching the ‘Big 30’ and revisiting my past demons.

    So this week I turn the BIG 30! I should be looking forward to it… I mean after all; I get to spend another joyful weekend in COVID-19 lockdown.  But sarcasm aside, I should be looking forward to it, I have got some time off work and I am sure my partner will pull out […]

  • Strive for Progress not Perfection.

    Stop being a perfectionist (all the time). Being a perfectionist is often seen as an admirable trait that will lead us on the path to success. It has some genuine benefits such as demanding high quality from yourself and attention to detail (if managed correctly). However, it also can be counterproductive.  It can lead to you […]

  • Wheel of Life – ‘Balancing Life’

    You may be new to Self-Development and have decided you want to start making positive change…so where do we start? Alternatively, you might set consistent goals, but find your life feels unbalanced or unfocused. There is something known as the Wheel of Life or (Balance Wheel) which can help. It was said to be first […]