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The book that became my counsellor…

This book documents Joe’s Journey into self-development. It takes what he believes are the ‘best bits’ of the content already out there and breaks it down into an easy to understand version for all. It will help boost your personal wellbeing and transform your mindset, with Joe adding his own accounts of how the methods have personally transformed his life.

Chasing The Rainbow

“Help me find my passion” is a phrase googled half a million times each month, which suggests that it is a topic at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds. This guide addresses topics such as ‘flow state’ ‘intrinsic and extrinsic motivation’, ‘assessing your priorities’, ‘finding meaning’ and more, it even questions whether ‘finding’ your passion is at all possible. Written in an informal manner with space to make your own notes, the author hopes you will leave with some personal tools to start building your own positive future. Available on E-Book only.

Joe Bloggs Journal

The Joe Bloggs Journal will help you keep on track of your monthly, weekly, daily plans, goals and habits. It also allows space for you to personally journal to capture your thoughts, feelings and most creative ideas. It is the perfect product for somebody looking to get started in Personal Development and particularly Journaling.

This is our most innovative product. Please visit ‘The Joe Bloggs Journal’ page for further guidance and also see our ‘Journal Downloads’ for some excellent coaching resources to support this product.

Already made your mind up? Then purchase here….

Joe Bloggs Journal – (*Inc. Postage) Available for UK SHIPPING ONLY


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